With the heat hitting city and regional areas of WA this week we have already seen our first bushfires. Homes have been lost in the Margaret River area and fires are currently happening in Gosnells and Rockingham. Horse owners are offering temporary refuges for those who need to evacuate their horses from these areas.
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Town of Kwinana - Introduction of Fees to Register Horse Properties. - June 09
Ongoing discussions and meeting between the Town Of Kwinana and local horse property owners over the introduction of a range of fees to apply for and register a property where horses has raised many queries by horse property owners at the apparent discriminative and anti-horse actions of the Town.
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Bushfire Preparedness for Horses - April 2009
As current information available on Bush Fire Preparedness was not specific to horse owners, relating more to the property rather than the horses, committee member Tracy Talbot coordinated the production of a pamphlet on minimising the fire risk for horse owners and developing a Bushfire Action Plan.
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Emergency Equine Havens - March 2009
Following the Victorian bushfires we received an enquiry from a horse owner in the Busselton area as to whether there was a directory of safe equine havens where horses could be taken in the event of a serious fire or flooding here in WA.
As no directory or provision of safe equine havens existed, committee member Robert Hawes is following this concept and we have been invited to send a representative to a meeting regarding the posssibility of extending the Act that covers small animals only.
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Awareness Program
In the event of an emergency disease notification, speedy action is required to stop the movement of horses, people and vehicles, and to initiate disease control procedures. Awareness workshops have been held throughout the state and folderor DVD containing the information is available free for event organisers.
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Aerial Culling
The aerial culling of horses in WA was highlighted recently when photos of slaughtered horses with obvious back and neck shots that left horses to die slowly were produced. The WAHC, while reconising that humane culling may be necessary, is asking for support to stop this cruel method of culling both horses and donkeys.
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