HORSE, LAND WATER - sustainable horsekeeping and pasture management field days and workshops.
Started Oct 2008 - completed June 2009

Developed to introduce horse owners to  the best management practices and environmentally friendly ways to improve pasture and  manage water resources , the Horse, Land , Water project was coordinated by Nikki Brooks and involved a series of  six field days and/or workshops. Some of the topics covered in these  free management courses covered pastures, weeds, reinvigorating bare patches, waterwise watering, testing soil and managing manure and worms.
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Started feb 2008- completed March 2009

The Equine Influenza crisis in August 2007 identified the need for an effective method of disseminating emergency information to the non-regulated ( Racing and Pacing)  horse industry in Western Australia.  The WAHC was asked to develop and maintain a database for this purpose and  Alan Parker undertook the task of coordinating and arranging the production of the database.
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BIO-SECURITY CONTINGENCY PLAN. Procedures for horse events
Started Sept 2007 - completed Nov 2007

As part of the liaison by the WAHC with management groups and committees formed to address the threat of Equine Influenza into Western Australia in 2007/2008, a requirement was identified  for a CONTINGENCY PLAN to assist  non-racing organisations with Bio-security procedures for horse events. Lisa Christie coordinated the resulting template that outlines the procedure step by step.
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