Australian Horse Industry Council
P. O. Box 802, Geelong VIC 3220

The Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) is a national representative body, serving the Australian horse industry.  The main role of the AHIC is to provide a voice for the interests of horses and horse owners in national forums. Particular issues that are a focus of AHIC activities include horse health and welfare, personal safety and any other issues that can have widespread effects across the horse industry.

Horse South Australia
The Horse Federation of South Australia (Horse SA), is the umbrella organisation for the recreation and sporting horse community and industry.

Victorian Horse Council

The Victorian Horse Council was formed in 1980 and is now firmly recognised as the voice of the Horse Industry by the Victorian Government.

Queensland Horse Council
The Queensland Horse Council (QHC) Inc is focused on investigating and representing issues for the general good of all sectors of the Horse Industry and does not seek to interfere with the internal functioning of individual organizations.  The QHC does not organise equestrian events and is not a breed registry. 


The Stable Fly Action Group
Establishedin 2005 the primary objectives of the SFAG is to eliminate the stable fly (Stromoxys calcitrans) problem



Sites of interest
Stallions Plus A Register of stallions across Australia