The crisis created by the outbreak of Equine Influenza in Australia in August 2007 identified the need for the horse industry to have an effective method of disseminating emergency information. The regulatory aspect of the racing and harness racing industries meant these groups already had an effective contact system for their members.

While some groups within the non racing industry also had systems in place to notify members, the fragmentation of many groups and the large individual component within this non racing section meant that many of those involved with horses in WA were not able to be notified of current information.

As a result of this, the WA Horse Council (WAHC) was asked to develop and maintain a database for the purpose of passing information to the wider horse community.

This comprehensive WA contact database include key communicators in the equestrian governing bodies, associations, clubs, feed merchants, saddlery stores, equine businesses and service providers, such as farriers, massage therapists, trainers, riding schools and breeders to name a few.

This is a FREE service provided by the WAHC. The information supplied is confidential and will only be used for the purpose of disseminating information relating to an emergency, exotic diseases, updating information, bio-security details and checking contact details are current. Already, over 10,000 contacts, through their involvement with clubs or associations and individuals are represented on the database.

All those registered will be asked to pass the information on to their members or email contacts so this current information can be accessed quickly by all horse owners in the state.

Individual horse owners can also receive this information direct, by registering their details on the database.

Because this WA HORSE EMERGENCY DATABASE is confidential the contacts cannot be used for disseminating general horse community information, so for those who would also like to receive information relating to the wider WA horse community from the WAHC you can fill in the details below before logging onto the WA Horse Emergency Database.

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If you DO NOT wish to receive WAHC News and horse happenings in WA, please go directly to the database by clicking on the link below.


You may also register on this free database by contacting WAHC chairperson Diane Bennit.
Ph: 9291 0202
Email: bennit@optusnet.com.au