The WA Horse Council was formed to provide a Statewide voice for all issues affecting the Horse Industry - it is not necessary to be a member to ask for our assistance.

The Horse Industry is everyone directly or indirectly involved with horse.


Set up the first Horse Industry Relief Fund for Carnarvon – raised $3000, diverted to the Queensland Horse Industry affected by floods, at the Carnarvon Pony Club’s request

Established a list of offers of  free temporary accommodation and horse agistment,  available on the Council’s website, for people affected in Natural Disasters – which was passed on by the  Dept of Environment and Conservation,  Emergency Management Unit Regulation and Response and  the FESA  Control Centres

Are working on a list of  suitable  Emergency  Evacuation  Centres, which will be made available to the Horse Industry and appropriate government departments.

Since 2009 the Council has been lobbying and presenting submissions to the City of Swan, requesting an exemption from the proposed amendments to the Draft Planning Policies, which indicated that some vehicles used to transport horses to competitions, camps etc, would need to apply for planning permission to park at the venue.
The final revised version of the Planning Policy was accepted by the City of Swan in March.

The Chair of the WAHC was  invited to  Canberra for the signing of the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA)  The only WA Horse Organisation to receive an invitation.

Assisted  DAFWA in their presentation of the Web Pages regarding the new Horse Transport Standards Legislation by providing photos of horses being loaded/unloaded into floats and also in transit.

Held free information evenings on Equestrian Insurance, Bushfire Preparedness, changes to the Horse Transport  Standard regulations

Coordinated  a Large Animal Rescue procedures training workshop briefing for Royal Agricultural Society personal, to be implemented if required at the Perth Royal Show.

Sent submissions on Best Practices for the Bold Park Final Management Plan 

Invited by the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire to attend the Official Opening of the Kevin Murphy trail link

Contacted  by the Shire of Belmont to comment on their proposed review of Welfare and Health standards for stables and yards.

Invited to attend the  2011 Metro Trails Forum to help define the WA trails industry

Requested  by the Swan River Trust to deliver 4 waste management workshops for the horse industry on the Swan Canning Water Quality Improvement Plan.

Invited by DAFWA to join a regulatory reference group, advising on the Declared Pest and Border Regulations – concerned with quarantine, barrier fences, management of pests (including the categorization, keeping, transport and methods of control).

Setting up a Fund raising program for the Veterinary at Murdoch University



The Council was nominated for a Perth Region National Resource Management Award for their involvement with the Horse, Land and Water Environmental Best Management Practice
Also nominated for the best Individual Stakeholder Project Leader in the environmental section, was WAHC committee person Nikki Brooks

Thanks to Bates Saddlers – WAHC now has  their own website

Presented a petition with close to 3000 signatures to the DAFWA minister –asking for the cessation of Aerial Culling of brumbies

Contacted the Swan  Shire  Council  to support the ‘Susannah Park Trail Riders’ in their protest to prevent the proposed exclusion of horse riders in Susannah Park.  This protest was successful.

Coordinated the  first  rescue  package for the people involved in the Toodyay Bush Fires

Been invited to represent the Horse Industry on the Perth Hills Trails Reference Group

Supported the Whitfords Horse Beach committee’s efforts to prevent the banning   of  horses at the beach – by sending a submission to the City of Joondalup, attending protest rallies at the beach, and addressing those present.
Resulted  in  4.600 submissions being presented and thedecision to ban horses, delayed.

Supported the Australian Horse Industry Council by contacting relevant politicians, expressing the WAHC’s view that voluntary vaccination against Equine Influenza should not be allowed while the disease remains exotic to Australia (pre-emptive vaccination)

Sourced funding and presented a number of very well attended  ‘Horse Land Water Free Field Days’ which updated people on ‘Best Management Practices’. These were supported by Perth Region Natural Resource Management – Landcare Solutions & the Heavenly Hectares group

Wrote to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Canberra ACT, Supporting  the Ellenbrook Community Radio Inc trading as Radio Ellenbrook 88fm, in its application for a Temporary Community Broadcast Licence, to serve an area in the north-east Metro Perth that does not currently have a community radio station.

Are the only Horse Organisation on the Lotteries West Trails Grants Assessment Panel.

Have supported over the last 10 years and are continuing to support the Stable Fly Action Group in their quest to ban the use of raw poultry manure in horticulture.

Were invited to set up a forum on the Council’s new website
for the horse trail riding community to discuss trail, events, equipment and also allow for discussion in the public domain.  This has been achieved and is proving to be well used.

Are  developing  a Trails Code of Conduct.

Were the only horse organization invited to attend the State Trails Conference.

Have  developed  a Hot Weather Policy for horses

Are the only Horse  Organisation to have representation on the Natural Resource
Management Group.

Convened  a meeting between horse industry groups and the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFF), after the reports of a suspected Strangles outbreak, created panic in the horse community.  A strategy was established that a working party consisting of representatives from the WA Horse Council, Equestrian Western Australia and and DAFFWA would communicate on any bio security or disease outbreaks.

Were  requested  by the Dept of Sport and Recreation to provide information on the equestrian recreation needs for the Peel area.

Are  working  on changes to the proposed Victorian  legislation for microchipping.

Sent a submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport – stating their support for the horse industry to sign the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA) and the introduction of a Levy Mechanism which equitably shares the cost across all sectors of the horse industry

Are part of  the Animal Emergency Group, which rescues pets and horses in Peri-urban and Rural Shires

Are working with the Swan River Trust on managing the Horse Waste in the Healthy Rivers Plan

Supported the ‘No Horse Meat’ action group, by writing to the Hon Terry Redman MLA  asking him to reconsider his decision to allow the slaughtering of horses for human consumption.

Were asked to support Equestrian Western Australia in their bid to hold the Magic Million Yearling Sales at the State Equestrian Centre

Developed a petition, with 3000 signatures,  calling for a statewide ban on the Aerial Culling of all equines, including donkeys. 

Organised a very successful  Appeal for Victorian Horse Owners affected by the Bushfires

Have been invited to be part of the Trails Grants Program Assessment Panel – for the Dept of Sport and Recreation

Are representing the non racing equestrian horse industry and combining with DAFWA, EWA  and RWWA   in developing Horse Alert W.A, an operational plan for the management of horse disease emergencies.

Have been invited to be part of the Animal Emergency Group, which rescues pets and horses, in peri-urban and rural shires

Are developing a WA Register of  Equine emergency properties throughout the state, where horses can be moved to, in the event of a bushfire.

Are developing a hot weather policy for sporting events, which will be placed on our website

Supporting  the Kelmscott Pony Club (and others) in their efforts to maintain their grounds, after the City of Armadale announced possible development of the Public Open Space occupied by these clubs.

Held a number of free Horse/Land/Water free Field Days – covering ‘Best Land Management Practices’

Supported the WA Horsemans Pony Club successful efforts to maintain their lease of the Whiteman Park grounds

Started a weekly equestrian radio show ‘Talking Horses’ on 91.3SportFM


Are representing the Horse Industry on the Department of Sport & Recreation  “Adventure Activity
Standards Project – Phase 111”

Chaired and coordinated an Awareness Program for event organizers and stewards, with  representatives from the EFA and RWWA

Received a letter from the Minister the Hon Lilijana Ravlich congratulating the Council on their achievements in developing biosecurity procedures, producing a contingency plan for
Event Organisers and also for the support they provide to the horse industry and wider community

Are a member of the WA Equine Information Consultative Group (WAEICG)

At the request of WA Equine Information Consultative Group, developed an integrated database and website for key industry stakeholders and industry service providers, to support the development of an Emergency Communication Process system, to be used in the event of an equine emergency –  the database has over 10,000 contacts 

Are the only Horse Organisation  on the Department of Sport and Recreation committee who are setting guidelines for the assessment and accreditation criteria to accredit trails.

Was asked by DAFWA to comment and give support on the proposed review of ‘Conditions of movement to WA in relation to Liver Fluke”

Assisting the Department of Sport & Recreation by surveying the horse industry to list the Top 10 Trails

Are  developing  programs on WA Environmental Best Practices for the Australian Government approved Horses, Land & Water project for the Swan Catchment Council

Have representation on the Australian Horse Industry Council - Industry Advisory Group

Have supported and made a submission on behalf of the Horse Industry, protesting the Kwinana Shire’s proposed introduction of an Inspection Fee for Equine Premises.

At the Dept of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFFWA), request, the Council liaised with Industry and commented on the proposed regulations for ‘Conditions of movement to WA in relation to Liver Fluke – Animals returning within 10 days of departure’

Co ordinated an Equine Influenza Updating Workshop for DAFWA which was attended by leaders of the major equestrian groups


Have representation on the working committee producing the “Horse Alert Western Australia Version 1”

Are working with the Kwinana Horse Action Group in their protest against the proposed equine licensing procedures to restrict the number of horses allowed on properties and also supported the Group in their endeavours to prevent the Kwinana Shire passing a regulation that allows them to remove horses from their owners property for an indeterminate period.

Accepted an invitation by the Swan Catchment Group to join their Rural Landcare Group

Was invited and attended the 2007 State Trails Seminar

Were asked to comment on the final draft of the Welfare of the Horse Code of Practice

Are working with the National Trust for the Kep Track event

Represented the horse industry at the Minister’s taskforce on Adventure Tourism – to establish a set of minimum standards and voluntary guidelines for organizations, conducting outdoor adventure activity programs for groups, i.e Tracks and Trails.

Ongoing liaison with Australian Horse Industry Council regarding the implementation of the National Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement.

Are supporting a group of horse owners who are protesting against the Joondalup Shire’s proposal to add an amendment to the Animal Local Law to read “enforce time restrictions on the horse beach for morning use only by the horse owners, allowing the beach to covert to a dog beach after the designated time of 9am daily”

The Council has been invited to attend the inaugural ‘Parks and Protected Areas Forum’ hosted by DEC, Facet, Conservation Commission, Conservation Council, Marine Parks & Reserves Authority, World Commission on Protected Areas and Parks Forum.

Supported and sent a submission on behalf of the “Metropolitan Riders Group” of Bold Park to the WA Planning Commission, regarding the Draft AK Reserve Redevelopment Plan,  requesting that the Draft Plan maintains equestrian access through the East – West Road to the Bridle Trails of Bold Park.

Members of the Council’s  Tracks & Trails Portfolio recently attended a Dept of Sport and Recreation  seminar on this subject, which has resulted in a request for the Council to research and list the top ten Trails in WA

Held the only 2 non racing Equine Influenza information evenings at the SEC which attracted 400 people, and the only 2 Biosecurity Procedures workshops  which were attended by 50 clubs

Accepted an invitation from Gingin Rural Landowners Stable Fly Group to have a representative on their group

Made a submission to the “Ambient air quality monitoring program” in Midland promoted by the Dept of Environment and Conservation

Worked with DAFWA in developing the first biosecurity procedures for events

Developed a Template for a Contingency Plan which has been endorsed by DAFWA, to be used by Event Organizers,  as part of the Bio Security procedures in the event of a lockdown



Combined  with Animal Health Australia – Racing & Wagering W.A. - Department of Agriculture to hold the only Equestrian 'Industry Liaison Officer' training course in W.A.

Organized  the only rally/march through Perth, protesting against the rises in Equestrian Insurance premiums, which attracted over 1000 people.

Supported and represented lobby groups to the Wanneroo Shire, protesting against reducing the area allocated to horses and dogs at Whitfords Beach.

The only Equestrian organization in W.A. to have representation at:

Worked with the Department of Environmental Protection and Health in developing their No 13 – Environmental Guidelines for Horse Facilities and Activities – done by Waters and River Commission, Dept of Environmental Protection and Dept of Health.  The WAHC was acknowledged by the inclusion of their logo on the cover, plus on the inside cover sheet the WAHC is included in the prepared by list

Assisted the Arts, Sport & Recreation Industry Training Council workshop, in developing a network of equine industry leaders to address skills shortages and lack of training for the industry.

Supported  the  Bold Park Action Group in their submissions to Botanic Gardens & Park Authority protesting against the shortening of the Bold Park Trail, also used by R.D.A.

Supported  the Pastoralist & Graziers Association in their protest against new amendments to the Environment Protection Act.

Held  the first information evening on the impact of G.S.T. to the Horse Industry, which attracted nearly 100 people.

Researched  the  economic contribution of the Equine Industry – at the request of the Liberal Party.

Work with and have representation on various groups to increase and maintain Tracks and Trails

Organised a demonstration parade from the Barter Road horse beach to Belmont Racecourse – cars towing empty horse floats, to protest against the closure of the beach

Brought Monty Roberts to W.A. for the first time

Consulted with the Minister for Environment and Heritage, regarding the funding of a Heritage study into horses in Australia.

Supported and represented various horse groups in their protest against the registration fees for horses in some Shires.                                  1                                                                                            

Were invited to make submissions to the World Anti-Doping laws for Sport.

Are working with the Department of Agriculture to develop a National Code of Practice for the welfare and transport of horses.

Have been invited to have representation on the Natural Resource Management Council, which plans land use on the coastal plain from Wanneroo to Peel.

Supported and represented  the horse industry to prevent the closure of the horse beach at Cockburn Sound.

Assisted Dr David Newsome from the School of Environmental Science at Murdoch University with the “Horse Riding Visitor Survey”

Was invited to represent the horse industry at the Dept of Sport & Recreation workshop on volunteers

The Arts, Sport and Recreation Industry Training Council working group invited the Council to help develop a network of industry leaders to address skills shortages and lack of training for the industry

The Council assisted the Jandakot Regional Parklands group in developing strategies for the future of trails in the parklands that border Wandi and the Magenup equestrian grounds.

Monitored welfare issues such as horse deaths in equestrian sports and offered support to the relevant organizations to effect change

West Australian Equestrian Tracks and Trails Study – was funded by Dept of Recreation and Sport and Lottery West Support.  Prepared by Cyndi Mulders  WA Horse Council committee person

Raised issue with a major company running a national advertising campaign that inadvertently promoted a negative image of horse riding as dangerous.  Since raising the issue, the entity has issued an apology in relation to this advertisement and it has not been republished.