Why do we need Horse Councils?
Within Australia the Horse Industry is the 3rd largest employer of people. Traditionally it is made up of many small groups and this fragmentation has made it difficult for the industry to be heard by decision makers on matters that affect all areas of the industry.

How can the WA Horse Council support you?
We represent the non racing horse industry in WA. We can put you in touch with other groups or individuals with similar concerns and can provide important information or take up issue on your behalf at local and state government.

A WA Horse Emergency website database has been established to notify all horse owners in the event of an emergency affecting horses in Western Australia. For information on how to register, go to Communications Database.

While these are many and varied, basically the purpose of the Council is to unite the WA Equine Industry (including sport and recreation) to give it a strong voice in all matters that affect horses and their owners.

It is particularly relevant when local and state government enact regulations or legislation that impacts on horses and their owners.
Individuals, organisations or businesses are generally unable to influence decisions, adverse or favourable, on their own. This is the purpose and potential of a pro-active united Equine Industry and we invite your participation.

How can you support the WA Horse Council?
It's very easy! Become an individual member and ensure your club/association also joins. The strength of any group is in the number of its members and your membership counts.

Also, everyone who is involved with horses and would like to keep up to date with information relevant to the WA horse community can register their contact details to receive email updates. A connected community is a strong community.

About the WAHC Committee

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